Thursday, December 27, 2012

Final Preparations--Aconcagua

Well, we leave in a little over 36 hours.  Good news from the front as the IMG Team 2 carried to C2 yesterday--this means that they are possible two days from a summit attempt.  the weather continues to be "good"--30 mph winds and 15 to 20 below zero...Anders and I would gladly take that for our summit shot!

We did our last "hard" training session is a picture (click for a better view!):

We spent the evening focusing on logistics and I was able to lay out everything and go through my list (three times)....tomorrow we pack up and get ready to rock:

Prior to packing up Judy tried out my minus 30 degree sleeping haven:

Finally, I made a little map for Judy to follow us on--here is a close up of the action from our Base Camp (Argentina) through our three high camps and then down to the traverse Base Camp at Plaza de Mulas--I'll describe more about this tomorrow.

Also, We plan to talk to Judy each day via SAT phone and she'll be our faithful blogger---you can follow our exploits daily if you wish!

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