Monday, December 24, 2012

Aconcagua Update

The weather has been horrible on Aconcagua for the past 10 days.  Each of the first teams of the year from IMG and RMI did not summit.  The IMG team (whis is our guide service) did not get much higher than C1 at 15,700 feet--they basically hung at Base Camp for a week.  Winds were 60-110 mph for over 10+ days.  Apparently there was a big lenticular cloud squatting on the summit--the dread "White Wind" of Aconcagua.  I certainly feel for these folks--all they put into this effort and to not really get a chance to do any significant climbing.  Just shows how unpredictable climbing this mountain is.  It's one of the reasons only 30% successfully summit.

Both the Team Twos are at or up above base camp now and you can follow their progress at:

Their is actually good news in forecast ahead.  By Saturday the winds are projected to drop to 10-20 mph and actually to be calm by sunday morning.  Also the temperatures are forecasted to rise pretty dramatically--even reaching 0 degrees F by Sunday--wind chills climb above zero for the first time since I've been checking the forecast.

We are keeping at it training wise.  I entered a charity 5k yesterday and did it in under 50 minutes carrying 55 pounds on my back.  I did another 4.5 miles today and my altimeter said I logged 2150 vertical up feet.  Getting on the bike and occasionally running as well.

My extensor tendons in my right foot continue to be tender--clearly aggravated by climbing and my right knee continues to be a situation normal!

We leave on the 29th and after Christmas will complete all of our checklists and be on our way!

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