Thursday, December 13, 2012

And so Aconcagua becomes real

so you know, Anders and I are actually going to try to climb this beast...

I've been riding my trainer 1-2 hours each day.  Then, hoisting 70 pounds on my back and hiking/climbing 2-3 hours.  then going out for a run for up to an hour....

Still, I'm also trying to recover from my two IMs over a five-week timeframe....

Strange place I am in.  But I am surely getting stronger at hauling--and pretty quickly--a lot of stuff on my back....

Still, Cerro Aconcagua is now a real (and somewhat intimidating) presence in my life....  We leave in 17 days...

Just for yucks, I checked the weather forecast on the summit for the next 6 it is:

Ambient Temp

12/14: 0/-4 (this is in farenheight unfortunately)
12/15: 5/0
12/16: 7/1
12/17: 10/1
12/18: 1/-11
12/19: -11/-13

Wind (lo to high)

12/14: 30-45 mph
12/15: 30-25
12/16: 25-30
12/17: 35-45
12/18: 60-65
12/19: 70-75

(Hopefully from this you get it about Aconcagua--when the wind is light, it sucks...when it's bad it's a hurricane!)


12/14-12/17: clear
12/18: cloudy
12/19: clear

what is sobering about this is the strong winds are NOT a function of a storm....

Wind Chill:

12/14: -31/-35 (this is farenheight!)
12/15: -22/-29
12/16: -17/-24
12/17: -17/-31
12/18: -33/-51
12/19: -51/-54

Obviously, this is very instructive.  All of these days would prove to be extremely challenging.  the 18th and 19th are probably fatal for any one who would really try to summit.

I'll talk more about my bod and head and as I get ready for this thing but for those of you who follow me---this is really the scariest thing I've ever thought about doing....

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