Sunday, December 30, 2012


So we find ourselves safely in Mendoza this evening.  A new continent and two new countries for me today!

All of our equipment and most of our team made it today.  We met our three guides who are all very cool--and very young!  The other four team members we met, two brothers and a friend and a single guy, are also all very cool.  and very young.  Im going to be the old guy it appears....not that this will be a new phenonmenom...

Mendoza seems pretty laid back--although it is a Sunday night so who knows for sure.  It is very hot here.  Anders and I went out for dinner tonight (pizza and Andes beer) and it was over 90 degrees after 8 pm.  It also stays light past 9pm, which is a switch from the Northern Hemisphere.

Prior to that two of our guides came by to check out our equipment.  Not surprisingly we had the right stuff and we had too much of the right stuff.  We also got the lowdown on how to pack for all the various phases of the trip.  Being who I am, I spent the time after dinner trying to execute on my repack while Anders read.  I bothered him with all sorts of questions and in the end we arrived at a place in the middle--I accomplished enough to feel comfortable enough to go to bed and was only a minor irritant to him.  Tomorrow, we have more work to do.

We are staying at a modest hotel right in the middle of Mendoza.  We have three tiny beds in a tinier room.  Anders is in one bed, Iḿ in another and anders´ stuff is in the third--my is stuffed around the perimeter.  We have the AC blasting, which has probably managed to lower it to a reasonable 82-84 degrees....Of course, this is the luxurious part of the trip!

Anders feels a bit tired from our 33-hour trip to get here.  I, at least at this point, feel great!  I´m well rested and feeling good about our about our chances--we are taking it one day at a time.

IMG Team 2 summited today--putting 4 out of 5 on the summit (thatś 4 of 13 so far this year), so good far as I know, the weather continues to look good....

Iĺl be able to blog a little more as I do have internet access here in Mendoza--then itś a handoff to Judy.

time for some sleep.....

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