Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

OK--6 weeks to Kona.

August was a pretty good month, IM-build-wise.

I just went through a very heavy, run-centric 10 day block.

I won my AG in both races this month.

However, I just spent the last three days driving for 21 hours and pulling major shuffle the kids back to their non-summer life duty....missed a bunch of workouts here in the last few days of the month (7 to be exact)....oh well....

I'm actually well positioned for Kona.  September is THE big month and there is very little on the professional/personal docket that should derail my plans.  I'll detail those shortly.

Not racing Marlton Sprint tomorrow--I really can't afford to and still do the Shoreman HIM next Saturday and then Kona/Zona in 5 week increments after that.  This is a good thing as my body really hurts from the stress and confinement of all the moving/driving of the last few days.

August totals:

swim: 36,880 yards
bike: 1106 miles
run: 132.7 miles
time: 95:38

Long/IM efforts this month included:

Swim: 4 3000 yard and 1 4000 yard---I really need to hit a bunch (4 or so) of long swims now before Kona!

Bike: 3 100+ mile rides--I'll need to do another 3 of these over the next three weeks--starting tomorrow, but my bike is very solid

Run: 3 2hour plus runs--I had my best long run of the season this week---still, I'll need three more big runs down the stretch.

I have a lot of work to do in September--this is the key month, but I'm well-positioned for it!

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