Monday, September 3, 2012

life interlude

Three days doing the family move thing and lots of guests for Labor Day so triathlon went to the backseat this week.

This week will be soft as well as I am doing a Half IM on Saturday.

The lull before the storm as the next three weeks will be huge--looking at around 30 hours/week.

I did the Tim Kerr 7-miler (58:30) so I'm still under 60 until was a comfortable effort but not easy. It could be a real challenge to break 60 minutes there for the next 5 years...we'll see....

So, this week's totals were light:

swim: 4000 yards
bike: 175 miles
run: 33.2 miles

I did make sure to get my run miles in and sacrifice my swim/bike with the family time pressures.  I did do a 4000 yardf swim today (i felt bad but swam well--63:22) and tomorrow am planning a long ride, if the the weather holds....

all good!

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