Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Showers and Flowers

April (and its showers) has come to a close--here are the aggregate stats:

Swim: 30,100 yards
Bike: 769 miles
Run: 145 miles
X-Train: 3.5 hours
Time: 83:44

Lots of ups and downs during the month but at the end of the day it represents good progress and some good honest work.  The run total was especially gratifying.

As I mentioned prior I've veen wrestling with more than my normal share of muscle pain/soreness this year, which at this point I attribute to the tri-specific detraining that occurred when I focused on climbing in Dec/Jan.  I'm hopeful this will diminish as my fitness to train at my normal volumes comes up to normal standards.  Injury-wise I'm in good shape and (so-far) I've managed to avoid the spring-time running problems that have plagued me over the last few years.  I hope I haven't jinxed myself!

As for the flowers, the plan for May is:

1.  Enhance my fitness so that I am well-prepared to start my IM build on June 1st.  This means being ready to tackle 25-30 hour training weeks.

2.  Increase the standard deviations around duration and intensity in my training sessions.  I'll be moving away from a high number of moderate duration/moderate intensity sessions to higher percentages of short and long duration and low and high intensity workouts.  Of-course, it will probably mean a higher number of short/high and long/low workouts.

3.  Race a bunch of B/C priority races.  It's been almost a month since I lasted race.  My pre-season is over and its time to start the early regular season.  I hope to race 2-4 times in May, with at least 2 of these being triathlons.  My first of the month is on May 5th when I do the Bassman International:  0.5 mile swim/29 mile bike/4.4 mile run.

If all goes well I should be in position to begin the 12-14 week build in front of IMLT.  A good early test will be Mt. Tremblanc 70.3, which will be my 56th birthday.

Onward and upward--thanks for reading!

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