Monday, April 8, 2013

Awesome Weekend

sorry to delay on this latest update!

I have good reason--I'm down in DC with my bride and we are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary today.  The weather is phenom and to put icing on the cake, the cherry blossoms went nuts today and came out in full force with the near 80 degree heat and beautiful sunshine!

It's been an event filled weekend.  I did the Smithfield Sprint Tri on Saturday and had a very satisfying race.  I didn't win but I had a very encouraging swim and bike and a not to bad run and it was good enough for 2nd (out of 20) in my AG.  I was 2nd to a better triathlete but I really gave him a scare--the race report to come will prove to be interesting reading (by the humble standards of this blog!)

I then drove up to DC and met Judy.  We had a nice night on Saturday night and then we BOTH got up sunday morning and did the Cherry Blossom 10-miler!  This was the longest running race that Judy has ever done.

This morning, Judy and I did the Mount Vernon bike trail as Judy was able to try out her new Tarmac SL-4 for the first time.  She LOVED it and it's pretty impressive that she was able to just bang out a 27-miler for her first ride of the year--especially after running 10 miles the prior day.

We did some awesome sight seeing as well.  Tomorrow we head back to Delaware and I will begin to get serious about my training and fitness.  Time to start getting to work.  The real triathlon season is not too far off in the future.  Here is last week's totals:

Last week:

Swim: 6200 yards
Bike: 119 miles
Run: 34 miles
Time: 14:14

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