Thursday, April 4, 2013

Odds and ends

sorry to be a bit behind in posting....

much to do here....went and visited a dear friend at the beach...had the fam home for Easter...

And I have been working on my White Paper: "The Difference Between Winning and Losing"...more on that later...

So volume wise:

Last week:

Swim: 6550 yards
Bike 139 miles
run: 31.5 miles
time: 16:45

Last month:

Swim: 28,450 yards
Bike: 707 miles
Run: 120.2 miles
Cross-train: 7:05
Time: 80:42

so, it is what it is....I'm not in hardcore mode.  I'm late to the dance.  I should be training more.  Am I am in shape?  My guess is better than I deserve to be but probably not where I would normally be at this point in the season...

Anyways, we'll get some good data this weekend!  Just like 2009 and 2012 it's Smithfield Sprint Tri/Cherry Blossom 10-mile run Weekend coming up!  I'm off tomorrow for an extended trip south that will ultimately entail my bride of soon to be 29 years joining me for a celebration of our anniversary in DC on Sunday and Monday!

Before that, I'll have the first good indicator of where I'm really at fitness wise 2013....

So, at Smithfield, I'll have 25 AG competitors and according to my new "BIG DATA" analysis I'll have a 16.86% probability of winning.  LOL.  Well indeed, it's hard to beat 24 other guys so for sure the odds are against me.  That said, looking at the entrants I'd say my odds are more like 25-40%.  I have one other strong triathlete whom normally I'd expect to edge out but my fitness this year may not be up to the task.  Then there is this bike centric dude who has not done tris before who looks to be able to press me on the bike....and what I've learned (white paper to come) is when that happens, I'm toast....

In any event, looking forward to it.  The weather looks good--probably low 40s at the start, which seems positively balmy after the 28 degree start on 3/24....

OK, while it's still "pre-season" by my definition, I feel like I'm "hitching up" and back in the game....awesome---summer can't be far behind!!!!!!

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