Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All in the family....

Its hard to focus on triathlon stuff during this time of such sadness.  I won't jump into my thoughts on the subject except to say that both of my Boston based boys are safe and sound and that we are all pretty upset by what happened....

So with that backdrop, I wanted to share with you something a little more fun.  I picked up my new racing steed today.  It's a bit like its predecessor but I have big expectations about the improved performance I expect from her.  Here are some pics:

Firstly, the original time machine on the left and my new baby on the right.  You can see, even with this picture the much more aggressive geometry of the new TM01. Just playing around during my fitting the new bike indicates that I'll be able to get much more aero on the new bike.  PLus the bike itself is more aero and quite a bit lighter--should be good!

Here is the new baby.  Some facts on it:

Size ML (about 56cm I think)
Campy super Record 11 (53/39 and 11/23, 172.5 mm cranks)
SRM Power Meter/Edge 800 head unit
Zipp Super 9 Carbon Clincher Disc/Zipp Firecrest Clincher 880 wheels
3T Breeza II Limited
Kep Blade Carbon TI 12 NM
Sella Italia SLR XC Flow seat

These next two pictures show the more advanced and aero front end on the TM01 (second pic) vs. my older TT01:


Pretty exciting stuff!!!  I guess I'll need to ride faster now!

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czechchick15 said...

THAT is a sweeeeet ride!