Friday, February 5, 2016

January actuals and Cali dreams

Here are the totals for lat week as well as for the month of January (both of course were impacted by the three day cross country trip we made at the end of last week:


Swim: 7,000 yds
Run: 11 miles
Bike: 67 miles
PT/Stretch/Weights: 4:10
Total Time: 12:43


Swim: 30,000 yds
Run: 52 miles
Bike: 607 miles
PT/Stretch/Weights: 20:51
Total Time: 81:10

I feel pretty good about the January numbers--recall  my goals for January were:

Swim: 30,000+ yards--so just made it
Bike: 600-700 miles--again, just made it
Run: 60 miles--missed by a little bit as running is going to be a real on-going problem
Other: Great month for PT/weights etc as I made real progress.  Wasn't able to get down to SNP for any hiking unfortunately.

Now in Cali and getting settled in.  Found a pool to fill in before the Santa Monica CC pool opens so just had my first swim since getting here.  Good initial progress on the bike--both outside and in Kara's Soul Cycle classes, which I've made two so far.  Legs are sore!  Run still challenging--more on that later!

I'm going to set similar volume goals for Feb--but do expect quite a bit more intensity!

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