Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Medical Update and path ahead

Started another cycle of PT on Monday.  My new therapist sings the same general refrain.  My left knee is collapsing on the medial side which is creating more bowleggedness.  This in turn is setting up unnatural stress on the lateral part of my upper calf.  she thinks she can help a bit with the referred pain that comes from this problem, but of-course can not help me with the fundamental problem.

She says the near-term destruction of my knee is one-issue, but she is cautioning me to watch carefully the impact on related structures such as my hips.  She really wants me to think about stopping my running....sigh.  she is impressed with my flexibility and lower leg strength--my two month investment here seems to be working.

On the positive side of things, I've really begun to hit a bit of a stride on the training front.  Beginning to feel the benefits of 3 hours or so of daily training.  It does feel good.  Getting faster across the board!  (not fast mind you, but faster)

My knee feels great.  No doubt this is part related to the steroids I'm on which were prescribed to deal with my bronchitis.  I've been battling a low-level cold/bronchitis now for the last 3-4 weeks.  The prednisone has helped with the lungs and not surprisingly with my knee as well....

Looking ahead, I've signed up for late Feb and early March sprints in Cali to ease myself back into the tri world.  I'm optimistic i won't embarrass myself by the time Oceanside rolls around.  We are beginning to lock in on our Kilimanjaro schedule and then that may free up some space to go for Elbrus too.  Roth is still a go in July.  Looks like were going to do the SNP AT trail in October.  Feeling it.

Trying to eek out a few more adventures before I change out the knee.....

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