Friday, April 4, 2014

Smithfield! aka Pigville

Down in the land of the famous ham after a 6:25 drive--traffic sucks south of DC.

Very surprised to find the temperature to be 85 degrees!??!!!???

Not to worry.  A front is coming through tonight and game time should be around 58-60 degrees.

I have bib 62 and my main competitor has 79.  Last year he was 128 and I was 129.  Given the TT pool swim start this means that both he and I overestimated our swim brillance (especially me) or that the field is way weaker than last year....I do think this is good news tactically as I'm starting 4:15 in front of him.  Last year I passed him on the bike and he had me in his sights and was able to key off me on the run.  This year I'll be too far out in front for him to key off me (although if he does his homework and remembers who i am he should be able to calculate things as we pass on the out and back course).

This all assumes that I can have the same kinda race I had last year....might not be a good assumption given my fitness....bring it on!

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