Monday, April 7, 2014

Pivot time

So I'm mostly through my pivot from being a mountaineer to a triathlete once again.  This past weekend I did a Sprint Triathlon down in Smithsville, VA and then the Cherry Blossom 10-miler with Judy in DC yesterday.  Mostly encouraging results.  Some interesting insights as well--perhaps a change to my training strategy/approach.

As it stands, I completed a half-marathon, a 10-miler and two sprint triathlons in the course of 22 days and I have IMNOLA70.3 sitting on my calendar for Sunday.  Beyond Sunday stretches a 6-week period with just one race were I can get real serious about getting truly triathlon fit again.  I'm very upbeat about where I'm at--there was a lot to be encouraged about this weekend.  Much work to do of-course.  I'll post a race report(s) on the weekend before I head off to New Orleans.

Last week's totals (remember, this is in the midst of a lot of racing on a modest training base):

swim: 5,550 yards
bike: 186 miles
run: 31 miles
time: 17:51

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