Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Insert Doubt. Erase Hope. Crush Dreams.

Ok--this blog title is a definite inside joke which I'm not sure I'm allowed to share with y'all.

But anyways, we had an awesome time down in N'awlins this past weekend.  Of course I did the IMNOLA70.3 race for the second time and I'll dutifully report on my experiences in this space shortly.  But the highlights were myriad.  A totally awesome IMXC experience.  A solid day on the race course--definitely confirming where I am in my training--not bad--but a huge way to go (just what I expected).  Huge fun on Burbon Street and at the Jazz festival.

And.....(and this relates to the title of this missive) I got to know Andy Potts a bit this weekend--and I'll say he is a truly good guy!

PS...he happened to be there when I finished and we shared this moment....

More soon....

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