Thursday, September 19, 2013

Under 60 hours till go time

Cruising along here in Tahoe.  I've been joined by Judy and my mom, which is a real plus!  The Expo opened today--they seem less exciting as time goes on....still, I did buy a shirt....

I got out on my bike at 7:15am this morning to test out some of my bike clothing--it was 27 degrees!  There was frost on the golf course....So it was cold but I think I have things figured out.  Toe warmers for the feet.  I have a thermal layer and a wind jacket up top--this seems to do the trick--although I was still a bit chilly.  This combo will be too hot at some point--maybe as early as the end of the first lap (around 45-50 miles in).  I'll probably have too shed a layer at some point.  I'll either do knee warmers or a light outerpants on the bike.  The key will be all dry clothes in T1 (will be a long one) and taking time to get fully dressed for a winter bike ride before I leave T1...

Swim was again 59 degrees.  The first 300-500 yards are pretty rough but then I do settle down reasonably well.  I've only been swimming 20 minutes so it's hard to gauge how cold I'll be for the full 2.4 miles.  I'm going to probably swim with a neoprene hood to try to keep my core temp up during the swim.

I ran 2 miles from the T2 exit and hit the first mile in 7:25, which is either a good sign or evidence of a mis-marked first mile...I'll let the reader form his or her own opinion...I felt pretty good--I do feel the altitude for the first few minutes but then my HR does seem to settle a bit.

We had our XC dinner tonight...great to see many friends....some interesting developments from a competitive perspective...more on that later.

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