Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taper time

One week out from IM 'Hoe!  Tapering away--mostly IM intensity workouts of modest duration--the longest thing I did was a 2:10 bike mid-week.  I've got the ususal I feel wierd taper thing going.

I leave tomorrow morning early and should get to Reno around 11 their time.  I hope to be in Squaw Valley at the hotel by 1.  Tomorrow my plan would be to drive the bike course and head down to the lake for a short swim--I want to get a sense of how much I'll need to dial back my swim effort with the altitude.  Tomorrow night, I'll put my bike together.

I'll ride a fair amount of the course on Tuesday--my last ride of any real significance as well as another swim and perhaps a short run.  I'll take at least one full rest day on Friday and I made add another one on Wednesday.  We'll see how things unfold.

Weather forecast is improving.  It's going to be cold in the morning for sure but the latest forecasts are nonlonger calling for rain/snow, which is of-course a relief.  Right no it looks like a high of 61 and a low of 38 on race day.  I'm bringing several options for clothing on the bike.  The water temperature is currently an ideal 64-65 degrees.  I'm happy with this forecast--I'd much rather deal with cold than heat for sure.

The Rim fire still burns but it looks like the smoke problems in Tahoe have largely abated!

More from California as the week unfolds.....

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