Monday, March 11, 2013

More Fun with Stats and Docs

Did I ever tell you that I love stats?  Well, I do.

For this post I have sliced and diced my database to take a peak at the distribution of my races by type of race.  I've grouped my races into 4 broad categories: Sprint, International/Olympic, Half-IM, and Ironman.  Sprints last less than two hours, Int/Oly races last 2-4 hours, Half-IMs are 4+ hours and are not Ironman races, and Ironman are Ironman races.  The first two groups are Short Course (SC) and the latter two, Long Course (LC).

Here is how my 126 triathlons to date have varied over the 12 years that I've competed in Triathlon:
 From this chart you can see that I have raced primarily at the Sprint distance (85 races) with just 10 Int/Oly, 20 Half-IM, and 11 Ironman.  My main flirtation with the Oly distance race was back in 2003.  In 2004 I did my first IM and have been more focused on LC ever since.  To me, for what it's worth, the Oly distance is too long to be short and too short to be long.

As you know, I've often boasted that I'm a LC athlete.  so how can I say this when 68% of my races have been sprints and only 25% have been LC?  Well, if you compare this distribution of race types by Number of races and total Time raced you can see why:
The blue is the % distribution relative to the number of races.  The red is the same distribution relative to my time spent racing in each type of race.  You can see that I have spent more time racing IM races than any other type.  In fact, I have spent nearly 2/3rds of the total time I have raced over the last 12 years racing in LC races.

Ergo, I get to call myself a LC Triathlete (primarily).

Enough on stats for today.  Saw my ortho for what I believe is injection number 67 today--ouch!  My knee was hurting a fair bit right when I came back from Aconcagua but it has actually improved a bit over the last couple of weeks.  I've been pretty disciplined and have managed to loose 6-7 pounds and I think that's a real benefit.  In any event, the lube is in and I expect over the next few weeks to feel diminishing knee pain which should help facilitate my intended triathlon efforts in the weeks ahead....more on that latter!

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