Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last Week and the RACE(!) ahead

After the big prior week, it's no surprise last week was less--volume wise.  combine that with 5 days down at Jumby Bay Island in Antigua (which was awesome!) and you have the recipe for a limited training week.  Still I did manage to get some work in:

Swim: 9,300 yards
bike: 101 miles
run: 24.7 miles
time: 15:23

Thursday was devoted to travelling and rum but beyond that I was able to enjoy some great open water swims in beautiful water.  I also met a guy named Martin Franklin (Chairman of Jarden which owns among other companies, Zoot) who is quite a good runner and did some running with him.  He told me all about his ultra exploits including Badwater and Leadville.

When we landed back at EWR on Monday night it was snowing--yuck!

Anyways, believe it or not I'm racing this Sunday.  This will be the earliest day of a first race in my career (the prior earliest was 3/2710 at IMCalifornia70.3--where coincidentally I KQed for the first time).

Given my late start to training this year, I don't expect much.  However, I'm excited to race as it also gives me a good excuse to visit my eldest daughter down in Baltimore.  The race is called the Tune-up Tri, which is exactly what I'm going to use it for.  It's in Manassas, VA.

I don't expect to get a real good read on where I'm at fitness-wise (which is typically what I look for in a pre-season race) because this race is unusual in a number of respects:

1. This will be the first triathlon whose split order is RBS as oppossed to SBR.  How this will affect my individual splits is unclear but it might be a good bet that my run will look a little better than it is and my bike and swim will look a little worse than they really are.

2.  This is by far the shortest race I have ever entered: 1.5 mile run/ 4 mile bike/250 yd swim.  I'm not sure what to think about this fact.  However, it'll be over in a hurry and I better do well in transition!

3.  The run is partially on grass and mulch and has 14 turns--basically we are turning every 1/10th of a mile!

4.  the bike is even worse!  15 turns with 4 180s over 4 miles.  It will be like racing a Crit.  I would expect to see my highest NP/AP ratio of all time.  I'm leaving the disc at home and am contemplating bringing my road bike.

5. Then we have to run inside and jump into the pool.  It's 10 lanes and one direction in each lane.  Which means we have to pass under 9 lane lines and we are not allowed to use flip turns.  Further we actually have to touch the wall in the lane we swim in.  Cross under.  Touch the wall of the next lane and then push off.

When I look at the prior results and I think about my typical times for these distances it would seem that i should be able to easily win this race outright.  However, with all of the above, it's easy for me to see that I'll be 4-6 minutes slower than prior history might indicate.

Who knows, but I'm looking forward to it!!!  I'll report on the results early next week!

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