Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last week and how 'bout it Spring?

Last week's training volumes were affected by travel back from Antigua and the race on Sunday:

Swim: 2600 yds
Bike: 162 miles
Run: 17.5 miles
Time: 14:32

Fitness wise, and despite my late start, I feel like my swim and run are in not to bad a place for this time of the year.  I did my 100 repeats in the pool today in the 1:23-1:27 range, which isn't the far off of the 1:16-1:18 I typically see when I'm at my best in the pool.

My biggest concern is my bike.  My bike volume is way off prior years and the weather certainly is not helping much.  Yesterday, it snowed the whole day.  This is the day after my frist triathlon of the season.  I'm hoping to get out a bit this week and looking forward to warmer weather and being able to log those 2-4 hour rides that are the bedrock of my bike fitness....

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