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Long-Term Goal Evolution

Long-Term Goal Evolution

I started triathlon with a single race in 2001.  In 2002, I sat down and laid out 10 long-term “career” goals for my triathlon efforts.  I added 3 more a couple of years later.  What follows is a review of where I stand against my 13 goals and how I see my long-term goals evolving over the next 7 years.

Current Goals

Of my 13 goals, I have achieved 9 to date.  I have another 4 that I have not yet achieved.  First the goals I’ve checked off the list:

1. Become an Ironman.  This was my original reason to get into triathlon.  I achieved this goal by finishing IMFL in 2004.  Since then, I have completed another 10 IM races for a total of 11.
2. Break 5 hours in a Half-Ironman.  My first sub 5 Half was the 2006 edition of the Devilman H-IM in New Jersey.  I now have 5 sub 5-hour H-IMs with a PB of 4:43:14 at White Lake (North Carolina) in 2007.
3. Complete 100 triathlons including 25 Long Course races.  At the end of 2012 my count stood at 126 total and 30 Long Course.
4. Become an USAT all-American.  Achieved honorable mention status in 2005 and full AA in 2007.
5. Become a member of Team USA and compete at a World Championship.  Competed in 3 WCs at a member of Team USA and 4 WCs as an individual.
6. Finish in the top 3 overall of a triathlon.  Finished 3rd at Metroman in 2007 and 2nd at SkipJack LC in 2011.
7. Win my age group 25 times.  I have won 38 times.
8. Qualify and race at Kona.  Qualified for and raced at Kona in 2010 and 2012.
9. Record fastest bike split overall—my strongest discipline.  Achieved fastest bike split at 2004 Marlton,  2007 Metroman, 2011 SkipJack LC, and 2012 Lake Lenape races.

The 4 I have not achieved are:

1. Break 11 hours in an Ironman.  My PB is 11:19 at IMFL in 2007.
2. Complete a triathlon at the age of 70.  Need to get there first!
3. Finish in the top 3 of my age group at a World Championship.  My best so far is 19th at both the 2005 and 2007 ITU LC WCs.  This one may be a reach!
4. Break 1 hour at Stone Harbor—my first triathlon.  My course record is 60:43 and those days are probably behind me!

So I’ve been thinking about the years ahead in this great sport and I’ve decided to add some loose goals to those above:

1. I’d like to make it to my 20th year in triathlons.  I’ve completed 12 and so would need to do a triathlon in each of the next 8 years.  This means, I’d do a triathlon when I was 64.
2. I’d like to complete 200 triathlons.  This means I’d have to do another 74 or about 9.3/year.  For my first 12 years I have averaged 10.5, with the last few years being in the 12-14 range.
3. I’d like to complete 20 Ironman races.  This means I’ll need to do 9 over the next 8 years.  I’ve done 2 in a year three times (2008, 2010, and 2012).  I’ve done 11 IM races over the past 9 years.
4. I’d like to win my AG 50 times.  This would require me to win 12 of the next 74, about 16% of my races.  I’ve averaged over 30% so far.  This does not imply a lessening of my competitiveness, but a willingness to sacrifice AG wins for some of these other more experience-oriented goals.
5. I’d like to qualify for Kona one more time.  Alex hasn’t had a chance to go there and so I’d like to get him there if I did.
6. I’d to race at 100 different race venues.  I’ve raced at 61 to date (an average of 2.1X per venue).  I’ll have to make a concerted effort to seek out different races to achieve this.
7. I’d like to do a bunch of the big city races (New York, Chicago, LA, London).  I’ve only completed Philly so far.
8. I’d like to go on triathlon-oriented trips where I do several races in Europe and several in Australia/Asia.

That’s my thinking for now….I’m sure we’ll return to these thoughts in the years ahead.

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