Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kona Big Push one

OK--26 days to Kona.  Big push week number one.  Here are the stats:

swim:  13,500 yards  (big swims of 4000 and 4500 yards)--BIGGEST SWIM WEEK OF THE YEAR
bike: 344 miles  (big bike of 116 miles)
run: 41 miles  (big run of 13 miles)
time: 30:26

So....a little light vs plan for the run and the bike.  It is what it is.  Post H-IM fatigue early in the week and I just think being 55 years old is beginning to catch up to me.  I think that 30 hours or so is about the limit that I can reasonably expect to reach these days--especially if I want to string 2-3 weeks together at that level.

Some of this limitation is physical but more of it is motivational.  Even with our empty-nest situation and my between job status, I find it really hard to drag myself out for more than 30 hours a week.  What that means is that I'm not that excited about some workouts but once I get into them for 5-10 minutes I'm ok.  Motivationally, I think I could handle 35 hours or so, but I sense I'm getting close to my limit.

Physically, I'm pretty solid.  I hurt.  My knee sucks.  But beyond that, things are pretty good.  I've been dealing with a low-level upper respiroratory thing for several weeks but it is probably just a function of lots of working out and not that much eating.  I did a 4000 yard swim this morning (and followed it up with a 13-mile run and a 1:45 bike) and did not feel any real upper body fatigue--this is a good sign.  I do think if I were to push up to 50+ miles/week running and combine that with mid 300s on the bike that I might be rolling the dice a bit so I think I won't do that this coming week.

I think my swim is locked in--I'll be fine at Kona.

My bike, I believe is very good as well, but it's hard to tell given the training load I'm under--I'm pretty much always tired on the bike given the bike/run load I'm under.

My run---well, it is what it is...

I owe a race report from my Shoreman Half and I'll get to that soon....more focus on training than writing this week.

Might dial down slightly this week--say 25-30 hours as my son Alex and I are defending our World Extreme Bocce Championship title on Saturday....


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