Wednesday, July 2, 2008

we're it's at--mid-season

Well half the year has once again flown by. I've raced 7 times so far. Even though Eagleman was a heat/humidity induced disaster I've enjoyed some modest success this season. In my 7 races I've finished 1st 4 times and second twice--so not so bad.

My training volume until June has been solid. with the medical issues my father and youngest have had to deal with June was much less training then planned and desired. On well--life is like that.

IM Austria is a go for 10 days or so from now. Anders and I are leaving for Klagenfurt on the evening of the 8th via Munich. Anders is in awesome shape and if the weather is half-way decent I think he can pop a sub 10 hour IM despite the 5100+ of climbing on the bike. I'm in only "OK" IM shape but that doesn't matter too much as I'm treating this race as primarily a training brick. I'll swim hard, bike very easily and then see what the run brings. If all goes well, I'll be able to get another solid 2-3 weeks of IM-specific training before my last qualification opportunity of the year--IM Canada which is in late August.

My plan is to post daily blogs from IM Austria so stop back and check it out......

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