Monday, July 14, 2008

IM austria day after

We are lounging and recovering today. We are both doing pretty well considering yesterday's affair. Anders is a little worse off due to pushing the bike and running hard through 21 miles. He also rolled his ankle during the run and it swelled a bit today and he is limping around. I'm doing quite well thanks to my easier bike and shutting down the run at 15 miles. I hated it yesterday but today I'm very glad I conserved my legs over the last 11 miles--there was a lot of walking which really sucked but today I'm actually optimistic about IMCAN--go figure!

We awoke about 9 am this morning after finally getting a decent night sleep. We did awake a few times as there was violent thunderstorms all night. We had a huge breakfast of bacon and omlettes and cruised the EXPO area again--picked up a couple of T-shirts. We said goodbye to the English couple we befriended who stayed at out hotel. Patrick made his IM debut and did a fantastic 11:50 which is pretty darn good for 55 years! they were very nice and hopefully we'll run into them down the road a bit.

I'll write a traditional race report over the next few days...


Mary Lou said...

Hey Randy - Just wanted to say congratulations to you and Anders. I was up late on saturday here and actually caught your swim times before I went to bed - very cool (and very fast!). Sounds like you ran a smart race and both of you impress the hell out of me with your ability.

good luck in Penticton!!
Mary Lou

patrickfoley said...

Hi Randy. Thanks for the very kind comments! We really enjoyed meeting you - and your advice (and peanut butter!) made my debut much easier. I am already planning what Ironman to do next - definitely not Austria because 2009 is already sold out. Would like to try a North American event - or maybe Australia.

I looked up the Cadence article in Triathlete and saw your comments on your SRM. I think that will be my next buy!

Will be following your progress in Penticton. Good luck!
Best wishes to Anders!
Patrick (Paddy)