Saturday, July 12, 2008

Klagenfurt Saturday mid-day

About 18 hours to race start. It is still sunny and warm here. the showers we are expecting keep getting pushed back. The latest calls for light rain at the race start up through about 1 or so and then a clearing to partly cloudy until around 6pm or so and then heavy rain and thunderstorms. The temp is forecasted to be 63 at race start and climbing to the mid to upper 70s. Not the worst forecast for sure.

We got up and and did a final 20 minute check-out ride this morning after a fitful sleep--we both only slept about 3-4 hours as there is a big festival very near our hotel and they were dancing and partying until at least 3am. Unfortunately, the same thing is scheduled for tonight. we went to the race meeting and that was a waste of time as they just read the booklet they had sent to us a couple of weeks ago. finally, we went for a 15 minute jog on the run course and it looks like it is an excellent run course. Very flat and shaded and winding along a canal and through town--should be great (well as great as an IM marathon can be).

We are hitting the sack now and will get up and swim before taking all our stuff into town to check in this afternoon. I'll post some pics latter.

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