Sunday, July 27, 2008

28 days to IMC:The return to normalcy

OK I'm 28 days out from IM Canada. I took the week after IM austria real easy. At the end of the week I drove out to LA (2700 miles) to help my son move into his place. This week was intended to be a modest return to training. Early in the week I could still feel the IM in my legs, especially on the run. However, the last 3 days my legs have felt very good once again. I've had 3 great 40 mile rides in a row and was able to sustain 200+ watts for extended periods. Had a nice transition run yesterday. this morning I did a 2 mile open water swim at a 76 IM pace, which is fine considering i was out of the water for 10 days.

Looking ahead I have two big training weeks with a lot of biking including 3 6+ hour rides and two 2.5-3 hour run days. Also, I have 3 weeks of pretty good swim volume. The 3rd week will be part of my 14 day taper.

I'm excited and optimistic about IMC--I seem to be none-the-worse for my IM Austria adventure. Onward and upward!

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