Thursday, June 2, 2016

May and other miscellaneous

Here are May's totals:

Swim: 16,100 yards
Bike: 791 miles
Run: 60.7 miles
Climb/Trek: 18:03
Stretch/weights: 8:00
Total time: 94:17

I raced Hammonton over Memorial Day weekend and finished 2nd out of 19 in my AG.  Despite this, I was a bit off which i attribute to a bit of a challenging cold I've been dealing with as of late.  Race report to follow.

Having said that, I believe I have comfortably achieved one of my main goals for the year--I've clearly upgraded my fitness enough that I'm reasonably competitive in sprint triathlons again.  I look forward to racing a bunch more times this year!

My main focus will be on making sure I'm ready for my three main climbing/trekking challenges:

1. Elbrus with Anders commencing on 7/16
2. Kilimanjaro with Alex commencing on 9/3
3. Through hike of Shenandoah's AT section--108 miles--commencing in late October.

We are heading today for Utah and the Wasatch for some good training at altitude for a few days.  My training will be a real mix of SBR with weights, hikes, climbs, stair master, etc.  It's my expectation to average close to 4 hours a day for June--my intent is to have a real big month....

Getting into it now!!!!

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