Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utah Day 3

So today was a bit different!  I got up at 5am and rolled to a solo hike.  The headline stats:

Distance: 8.03 miles
Time: 3:45
Vertical: 1684 feet

All of this was above 8150 feet of elevation.  

I felt awesome and it was truly spectacular to watch the sun push the horizon and the quality of the light to change as I hiked along.  I climbed two peaks--Flagstaff and Baldy and would have done more but i wanted to get back and help Anders start his 13 mile trail run.  For the record, after sending Anders on his way i jumped on a 90 minute trainer spin--I'm feeling pretty darn fit right now!

Anyways, the big news about this hike was that I was "attacked" by what I think was a female Blue Grouse who pursued me for more than a half mile and was intent on removing part of my calf throughout.  I managed to record a bit of video--which I'm sure you'll find amusing.  I apologize for the language but it was pretty unsettling at 6 am!

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