Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Totals/First Four Months of 2016

Totals for April:

Swim: 18,500 yards  (less than I would have liked but all of it was in last 20 days)
Bike: 667 miles
Run: 67.5 miles  (biggest month this year with back-to-back 20+ weeks...encouraging)
Weights/Stretch: 8:30
Hiking: 20:20
Total time: 91:57 (feels great to get this much volume!)

Here are the averages for the first four months of 2016--I have clearly put in enough work to establish a solid endurance foundation for all of my planned adventures in 2016:

Swim: 20,500 yards
Bike: 655 miles
Run: 53 miles
Hiking: 12 hours
Weights/Stretch: 9.5 hours
Total Time: 81 hours

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