Thursday, March 31, 2016

IM Oceanside 70.3--here we go!

OK--driving tomorrow from SAMO to Oceanside for my third IMCA70.3.  I'm still up in SAMO tonight as Judy and Anders have headed back for a funeral in DE tomorrow.  I'm trying to get everything staged for our cross-country drive, which will commence on Monday.....

So, I'll post a more detailed pre-race tomorrow night after i am repositioned in Oceanside.  To set the stage, let me give you a little data on my prior two dances in Oceanside.

In 2010, I did Oceanside with IMXC and qualified for my first dance at Kona--search through my blog and you can get the details.  Here are my splits:

Swim:   33:07
T1:         4:19
Bike:    2:43:44
T2:         2:22
Run:    1:58:30

total:   5:22:04

in 2011 I returned and qualified for the 70.3WC in Vegas that year:

Swim:   35:33
T1:         4:36
Bike:    2:57:33
T2:         2:36
Run:    1:59:50

total:  5:40:09

Overall, in 2010 I was 571/2171 (73.7 %-tile) and in 2011 I was 801/2192 (63.5 %-tile).  Age-Group wise, in 2010 I was 29/161 (82.6 %-tile) and in 2011 I was 45/172 (74.4 %-tile).

I'll provide a more detailed view of my plans from Oceanside tomorrow night.  That said, at a high level, my goals are to finish and if possible in the front half of the pack....

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