Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly training numbers

I hit it pretty hard Mon-Wed this week (which basically means I worked pretty hard over a 17-day stretch) and woke up on Thursday feeling pretty thrashed.  So, I pretty much took it easy the last 4 days.  I had entertained the thought of jumping into a sprint race on Saturday but my legs still were pretty wiped out on Friday.  Friday evening brought a perfect evening of Arthur driven swell with 25 mph+ off-shore winds.  So we were treated to beautiful 4-7 foot waves and Alex and I went out for a great bodyboard session--much more fun than sitting around for a Saturday race.

In any event my numbers were "down" just a bit this week:

Swim: 8,600 yards
Bike: 260 miles
Run: 19 miles
Time: 20:20

The upcoming week presents a couple of challenges--On Wednesday and Thursday I'm in Cincinnatti for some work stuff and then on Saturday and part of the day Sunday I'm driving to northern Minnesota (about 1400 miles) do visit my Mom and brother--I'll fit as much training in as I can but a bit of recovery is probably good for my legs....

All part of the program....

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