Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Training Update

I'm back in NJ after the Minnesota trip and a couple days helping our doggie, Roxy get through her surgeries.  The poor little thing has a couple of 3-4 inch incisions on either end of her where her tumors were removed.  She is quite uncomfortable and requires a fair amount of love and attention--her preferred place to do so is our bed so I've been optimizing recovery time as of late.

Anyways, I missed about 10 hours of biking last week as you can see:

Swim: 9900 yards
Bike: 144 miles
Run: 33.3 miles
Time: 16:23

Not much to be done about that expect to keep pressing forward.  This week should be back on plan as I have already executed a 1:50 run yesterdat and a 100.3 mile ride (in 5:49 @ 165 watts).  I have a 4600 yd swim planned for Thursday, another 100-miler for Friday, and another 8-9 mile run later in the week along with all the other workouts.  should be a real solid week.

I'm hopeful that despite everything I'll get in shouting distance of my original monthly plan....

BTW, the run was a bit of a struggle but the ride was very encouraging.  I significantly negative-split it despite a pretty strong headwind on most of the way back.

I'd say at this point my swim is 100% ready for Kona, my bike maybe 90%, and my run not ready....

I know what I need to work on....

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