Sunday, July 27, 2014

solid week this week

Got back to NJ and into a pretty solid week this week--volume wise:

Swim: 11,600 yards
Bike: 325 miles
Run: 32.2 miles
Time: 27:12

As noted before my swim continues true and steady on the flight plan to Kona.

My bike featured a ride of 100.3 miles at 165 watts and 106.0 miles at 169 watts.  I know from experience the latter effort would yield around a 6:20 bike split at Kona (at least with the tough conditions I faced in 2010 and 2012).  I do want to try to break 6 hours at Kona this year so I probably need to be up closer to 185-190 watts.  Lots of time to get there...

Run--I did a 11.5 miler this week.  will do a 13 miler on Tuesday.  slowly building fitness but my run continues to be a real frustration....

Long ways to go still...76 days until the big dance....

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