Saturday, January 11, 2014

Twists and turns

One of the keys to success in mountaineering is to be able to deal with the unexpected when it happens, because one thing for sure is that it will!

Leaving Philly, I got caught up in a 2+ hour delay last night but eventually made it to Toronto and my connections to both Santiago and Mendoza.  Unfortunately, the same can't be said of my luggage.  Its whereabouts remains unknown on this Saturday evening.  There is a flight from Santiago coming in this evening and I'm hopeful my bags will be on it.  Failing that there is another one tomorrow morning that arrives around 10 or so.  The next one after that is the same flight that I took today arriving around 5ish.

To complicate things, were supposed to leave for Los Penitentes  around 2 tomorrow afternoon.  If my bags come in tonight or tomorrow morn, then just a minor inconvenience.  If they come in tomorrow evening or later then things will start getting complicated.  Potentially, I could get them driven out to Los Penitentes tomorrow night or maybe stay behind in Mendoza when my team leaves and arrange to meet them at Penitentes tomorrow night or Monday morning.

If we can't find them by then, I'll have to get creative....perhaps a tour of Malbec country!

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