Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Beautiful Call from the Top of the World!

Randy did it!!!!!!!!

I just answered the phone not knowing what to expect and heard a pretty choked up "I did it" on the other end!  I couldn't believe it!  He was on top of that monster mountain, and I can't even tell you how excited he sounded.  The amazing thing is the only he, the two 30's year olds, and JJ the head guide made it up there.  Randy said the rest of his team and a lot of other teams turned around because of the extremely tough conditions.  There was pretty deep snow, unexpectedly high winds of 50 - 60 mph, and it was bitterly cold.  The two women turned around about half hour into the trip.  And then later on Bo and the other Randy decided they couldn't go on.  In fact, Bo had to be roped to the other guide to head down because he was weaving and unsteady.  So that left Randy and the head guide and the two "young dudes" from Miami.  With just those other three, Randy was concerned because their pace was pretty quick at first. He knew he could do it, but not necessarily at their quicker pace.  He even offered to head back because he didn't want to hold them up.  But JJ and the other guys said that they would go at bit more measured pace so he could summit with them.   JJ just looked at Randy and said, "No way; you got this dude, you're coming up with us!"

And come up he did.  He was standing at the top of the world, one of the 7 summits, the highest point in South America.  Unbelievable, but not really unbelievable for those of you that know how Randy can really dig deep when he puts his mind to it.

I couldn't be happier or more proud.  It took them 9 hours to get up there, and probably will take about another 4 or so to get back to Camp 3.  He sounded so exhausted, it's hard to imagine he has to work out strenuously for another 4 hours, but somehow I think the adrenalin of this accomplishment will carry him through!

I'll fill in more later when he calls and isn't freezing and gasping to breathe at 22,000 ft.  Can't tell you how great it was to hear his voice.  Yay Randy!


Lori Trainer said...

Congratulations Randy! A well deserved summit! So proud of you~ you are our fearless leader! Enjoy the view from the top and get down off that mountain safely!
Lori, Silvio and family

Unknown said...

Congratulations Randy..it it fair to say I too have goosebumps??!! Sending you lots of love, and warm thoughts!! Be safe..hurry home:)
Xo k and j

Brian Galinat said...

Very nice. Very pleased for you.
Be safe on the way down!
Brian and Lois

Brian Galinat said...

Wow! Well done. Good for you.
Be safe getting back down and get home so we can celebrate with you.
Brian and Lois

Sparty said...

Awesome accomplishment! Enjoyed reading every word of Judy's reporting. Best part is everyone else had to turn back but not RC--a big congrats! Sparty

Sparty said...

AWESOME accomplishment!! Enjoyed reading every word of Judy's reports. Best part is everyone else had to turn back but not RC--a big congrats! Sparty