Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Update and Some Amazing Vistas!

I haven't heard from Randy yet, but his guide from RMI just updated their blog with the following good news:


Posted by: J.J. JustmanMike KingSteve Gately | January 25, 2014 
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Elevation: 18,000'
Progress on these big expeditions always feels good and after spending much time at Camp 1, being able to link up two days of forward momentum sure has the team excited and feeling good. Today was our “carry” toCamp 3 (19,600ft). The team did excellent managing the new altitude. We made it up in great time dropped off a few items for our summit attempt and made it back down to Camp 2 just as some clouds were rolling in. Tomorrow we rest and prepare for our move to Camp 3!

Randy did tell me he was running out of minutes on his satellite phone, and that if I didn't hear from him to figure out how to get him more minutes.  So I think I figured that out, and hopefully we'll hear from him sometime tonight and can fill in the details.  
In the meantime, here are some picture of Camp Two: some of these are from last year when Anders and Randy were there.

Looking out from Camp Two 

Rocky Terrain and view from  Camp Two

Panoramic Vista from 18,000 ft - I guess this is why Randy does this!

A room with a view

Camp Life

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