Monday, May 27, 2013


First full week at the beach and trying to make the physical adjustments necessary to adapt to the higher training workloads.  I put an emphasis on cycling as I felt like I had the longest way to go from where my early season training was.  My run and swim were light (compared to IM training) due to the emphasis and my aversion to the cold water.  Here were the week's totals:

Swim: 4000 yards
Bike: 262 miles
Run: 25.5 miles
Time: 20:56

I've put in 334 miles on the bike over the previous 8 days (42 miles/day) and I'm beginning to feel some fitness building.  It's been quite difficult cycling here with all the wind we've had over the past week.

I still owe the Escape from DE race report....soon....

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