Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach Transition

We have moved to the beach as our major center of operations for the next few months.  Great to be here.  I'm getting ready to hit the OW for the first time here--58 degrees (that part I don't like so much!)

Anyways, I'll have a Escape from Delaware RR up in the next day or so.  My plan is to put together 3 solid weeks of training and then do a couple of sprints in the middle of June in front of Mt. Tremblanc70.3 on the 23rd of June.

I'm a bit sore as I'm ramping volume now so I'll have to be careful to not push over the line.  last week was a good week--especially for one that included a race:

Swim: 6,940 yards
Bike: 210 miles
Run: 25.5 miles
Time: 20:33

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