Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bassman pre-result impressions

Results aren't up yet and I left before the award ceremony but here are my observations:

- Usual CitiTri confusion pre-race.  Lot's of long lines and questionable organizational strategies.  I do think if you have 350+ athletes participating (note to self--see how many really did do these three races) then you should have more than one person doing body marking/transition entry.  BTW, that one dude was awesome!

- I call a violation on the RD for changing the International race start time 2 times in the last three days before the start of the race AND not sending an e-mail.  The first is a felony and the second a misdermeanor!  I mean I'm no great shakes, but I did travel 140 miles to do this race--how about letting us know when the race is going to start (AND NOT CHANGING IT) a week or two in advance--I mean we have lives as well!

- Of course, all the races started a lot.  Note to RD--if you want to be aggressive on race timne starts then get your act together and make it happen.  At the true start time on the first race, there were at least 50+ people still trying to get their bibs....not good for an experienced RD.

- It was very challenging weather wise.  My guess was 62-63 degrees swim temp (which was just about perfect in my mind).  44-45 at the start of the bike.  Grey, humid, thick air and very windy on the bike--yuch!  Had to wear a bike jacket here for the first time in a Jersey Tri.

-My new TM01 and I have yet to find a harmonious relationship--more in the race report but my old babe still looks stunning to me on this eve!  The new girl needs to fit me better as she is not faster at this point.

-Great to see Kristen and Midge and much thanks to Kristen for getting my race packet et al the day before.

- I was all over the place on the prep for this race but I did at least manage to secure my 4th straight AG victory at this race.  Thank goodness for old competitiors and for my 40th AG win!

More in the race report later!

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