Saturday, May 18, 2013

Change of plans...sorry for the radio silence...

Lots of moving parts....I feel remiss in my lack of posts.  Here is what has happened recently:

1. Last week i went up to Boston to pick alex up and bring him home from Boston college...AND race the New England Season Opener (with Anders).  alex was originally suppossed to come home on Monday (after the race) and anders was suppossed to race with me (before his knee problems).  Alex's final moved from Monday to Friday so able to go home earlier and Anders unable to race with knee issues.  Plus, good friend Dave Bechoffer invited us boys to dinner in Boston and I could be a boring pre-racer nudge or just let it rip....Plus Sunday, race day was Mother's Day and my two girls were home with Jude.  Plus it was miserable and the course looked very unpleasant.  so it came down to: do I race Sunday and miss Mother's day and fun with boys/friends on Saturday or have fun and also hit Mother's Day.  ERGO, no race.

2. In retrospect--shear brillance on my part.  Not helpful tri wise but I'm trying to optimize my life not there you go.

3. So this week tried to crush myself with training as I had held back a bit leading into last weekend and then I had all of the driving up to boston/boston tasks/driving back so last week was not what i would have planned for a non-race week at this point in my year.

4. Sigh

5. I did crush it for 3 days and then I was in a lot of stiffness and pain--I had an incredible bike workout on Wednesday that almost immobolized my hip flexors.  WTF?  If this is old-age creeping in I definitely would like to opt out!

6. Backed off TH/F.  spent most of Thursday working on my new TT bike's position--conclusion: the fine folks I bought it from have no idea how to match a former bike fit....I had to reduce my drop by 5 (count em) centimeters and I had to open up my aerobar armrests by another 1.7 centimeters....big ass miss for sure.

7. went to great party Friday night with good friends and had some nice white wine.

8. Awoke today and helped some good friends get ready for their assualt on Rainier and then decided at 12 to do a triathlon at 4pm...LOL!  Not the standard build up...even for a "C" race.  Perhaps, I need a new "D" designation!

9. Went down to Delaware City and did said triathlon.  New bike position was much better---but not perfect.  No pain but not optimized power wise yet.  I also screwed up on new shoes/cleats which came loose causing a very dicey pedaling situation (ROOKIE MISTAKE...VERY ASHAMED)

10.  None the less, managed to deliver the 2nd best bike overall and won my AG and finished 10th OA....

Race report to follow....

Life is messy.  And that, at the end of the day is a core component of its greatness!

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