Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last week and this month

Here are the stats for the week that ended last Sunday and for the month on February:

Last week:

Swim: 9,000 yards
Bike: 170 miles
Run: 26 miles
Time: 17:08


Swim: 26,000 yards
Bike: 542 miles
Run: 111 miles
time: 60 hours

So while these numbers are pretty modest by my past standards they do represent pretty reasonable progress from the perspective of where I started post Aconcagua.

My swim and run are beginning to come around a bit.  I ran 9 miles today in 73 minutes, and this is about 3-4 minutes faster than a couple of weeks ago.  Starting to feel more comfortable pushing it over the last 1/4 of the run.  My knee is very painful now as i have waited too long to start my next injection cycle but I will start the next sequence of three injections the week after next after my ortho returns from China.

My volume on the swim was pretty decent.  However, I am still quite slow--for example I did my 200 repeats today at 3:06-3:10.  I would normally expect to be sub 3 at this point in the year.  Still, I seem to be improving--I'm probably just behind because of the two months I effectively took off.  The pain that I have been experencing in my arms did seem to diminish this week--my right arm pretty much feels normal now and the left has definitely improved.  I did swim twice in the Gulf of Mexico this week while visiting my Mom and I felt pretty good all things considered.

I'm pretty significantly underinvesting in my bike training.  I'll probably need to address this a bit in March and I'm guessing I won't be that happy with my early bike race results, but we'll see....

The good news is that the weather is finally starting to get better....with this I expect to experience a concurent improvement in my motivation to get outside on the bike...

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