Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inside of 18 days to Kona

Some updates:

Last week totals:

24 hours
10,000 yards swim
239 miles bike
33 miles run

I was really looking for 30+ hours/15,000 yards/300 miles/50 miles but my back crimped my style and I did the above effectively in 5 days. I'll take it and know that it's good enough to get the job done.

Not quite fully into my taper yet--Will start in earnest on thursday--these transition days are still lighter than the above (did do a nice 4000 yd swim today).

Kona bibs are up and I'm #1941. among my AG competitors is Scott Molina--there goes first place! :)

Among the 24 guys and 2 women who are part of the XC crowd--my IM PR translates into the 20th fastest (my 11:19 IMFL= 12:14 at Kona). this is one tough XC crowd! A couple of other XC stats:

--at 53, I'm the second oldest
--my 11:19 is the 16th fastest IM PR
--my IM70.3 PR is the 9th fastest
--my 7 IMs are the 7th most of the group
--Luis Alvarez is one of the XC competitors--he has done every IM and 68 in total....

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