Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to January--run wise

Did a local 5k this evening in hot/humid conditions. I did a 22:32, which coincidentially is the same time I did back on Jan 3rd--my first race of the year. This is an average of 7:16/mile, which I know from objective standards is really very mediocre. That said, it does represent a bit of a milestone in that I have recovered enough from my April hamstring tear to get back to where I was running in january. In January, I was coming off of 2 months of solid base training (with very little speed/tempo work). That I now have that kind of run fitness seems to me to be very accurate. If I just had another 6-8 weeks, I think I could get all the way back to my "normal" run fitness (I'd run a 20:30 or so for 5K).

Of course, I don't have that time before Kona--in fact it's Taper Time!!!!!! I'm OK with where I'm at on the run--I'll be very slow in Kona for sure but I'm optimistic when I start run training again--sometime in Nov/Dec--that I can get back to the "normal" run fitness.

In any event, in tonight's race I did win my Age Group....a small victory but a victory none-the-less.

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