Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Injury Update

Less than 10 days to game time!!!! I thought it might be useful to briefly update you on my injury status.

Left knee--just finished another Syn-Visc cycle a week ago Monday. My knee felt sore yesterday during a 20 minute tempo session but my experience with Syn-Visc tells me I should be good to go for Kona. My knee should be 100% as it ever gets these days.

Left hip/ITB/Hamstring--I've been pain free for over a month now and my best guess is that with all the physical therapy we were able to completely heal this one. Of-course, I haven't regained a lot of my prior run fitness but that's a different story. I should be able to race "pain free" from the perspective of this injury.

Left foot extensor tendonitis--This also seems to have gone away completely as well. As a precaution, I'll still very lightly sinch my straps on my left bike shoe--no sense taking a chance during the race.

Left shoulder range of motion--still more limited than my right but I should be fine for the swim.

All systems are go!

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