Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot, hot, hot.

Man--the heat here is unrelenting. it has been above 90 degrees ever since I returned from IM Germany 3 weeks ago. It was above 90 there as well and was quite warm here before I left. I don't think it's been less than 90 for over a month.

Yesterday did a 4 hour ride--I left at 7:30 and it was already 86. when I finished it was 95 degrees and the heat index was 110 degrees--very humid. I drained two 24 oz bottles by mile 45 and had to stop and refill. It's brutal.

I know this is good prep for Kona but I have to say the unrelenting nature of the heat seems debilitating. It's hard to really push speed sessions on the bike and run--I start to feel like throwing up very early in the workouts. the good news is that the water is quite warm in these parts so I'm doing my open water swims without my wetsuit which is something that this boy really needs to do a lot of.

OK--time to stop long run awaits. It's already 87 degrees with a heat index of 94--at 8:40am. fun, fun, fun!

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