Monday, March 6, 2017

Training totals

This past week saw me sharply curtail my training as my Mom came out and visited for most of the week.  Here are the last two week totals:

Week ending 2/26

Swim: 3500 yards
Bike: 198 miles
Run/Hike: 41 miles
Time: 24:18

Last week

Swim: 2000 yards
Bike: 147 miles
Run/Hike: 27 miles
Time: 16:26

Here is February's comparison to January

 -Jan:  8,000 yards
 -Feb: 11,500 yards

 -Jan: 661 miles
 -Feb: 668 miles

 -Jan: 138 miles
 -Feb: 188 miles

 -Jan: 88 hours
 -Feb: 98 hours

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