Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cali training life

Ok gang, three full weeks under my belt--trying to get ready for Nepal and also keeping an eye on the triathlon season to follow.  I had two big weeks the first two and took it a bit easier this last week, especially because we had guests all week.  Here are the three weeks:

-Swim: 4500 yards
-Bike: 141 miles
-Run/Hike: 62 miles
-Total Training Time: 25:59

-Swim: 3000 yards
-Bike: 171 miles
-Run/Hike: 53 miles
-Total Training Time: 24:39

-Swim: 3000 yards
-Bike: 163 miles
-Run/Hike: 34 miles
-Total Training Time: 19:11

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