Tuesday, March 28, 2017

D day minus 3


Anders and I continue to progress towards leaving these great United States on Friday morn.

Today we made some important steps forward.  Most notably, Anders finally received his Full 8,000 meter Down Suit.  These are essentially very thick sleeping bags with arms and legs sewed in and are designed to keep you alive at 29,000 feet and minus 50 degrees (with a lot of wind).  We had some fun checking it out:

Beyond this it was, as always, list management and staying focused on making sure our bods were ready to go.

On the later, I rode for 90 minutes and then hit Sullivan Canyon for a 9 mile hike this morning, Anders did a 7 mile run in like 10 minutes (just kidding, but boy is he in shape!).  Later, we headed back up to Westridge and checked out our big boy boots:

And as promised, some pics from yesterday on our prep:

Onward and upward!  More tomorrow!

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