Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hey gang--normally I'd have a bunch of analysis of the prior year's training and accomplishments but I'm in a bit of limbo as Slowtwitch has recently changes its UI and it hasn't gone that smoothly so i don't have to a lot of my training data for 2016--hopefully soon.

As for 2017, I have my new goals at the top of the blog--more on those later.

In preparation for the Nepal trip, I've headed south to Shenandoah yet again for a couple of days of training.  I don't have any pics from today's hike because it was raining cats and dogs and about 35 degrees so I was very focused on just getting the work done.  I did the two Marshall Mountain summits in the Northern District on the AT and returned via the Bluff and Marshall Mountain trails.  I cruised really well for the first 10 or so miles but started to feel it over the last 3+ miles.  Lots of training work will no doubt need to be down before I'm ready for the Himalayas but part of the fatigue today was no doubt due to my just resting twice--and for just a couple of minutes each time.

Here is some data from today's effort:

Of note, I last did this hike back in 12/15, so about a year ago as I was starting to get up for last year's Elbrus/Kilimanjaro combo.  Back then it took me 6:17 and today about 26 minutes faster....not to bad!

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