Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Training Totals

Ok, so i finally was able to get my data out of Slowtwitch--here is how 2016 stacked up against 2014--my last "normal" triathlon training year (I did Kona that year):


I did 90 swims (once every four days) for a total of 144,355 yards or about 1603 yards/session.  In 2014 I did 311,688 yards so i was at about 46% of my "normal" total.  This is not surprising as fairly early in the year I decided to focus principally on climbing (Kilimanjaro and Elbrus) and not do the Roth IM.  Still I did enough to get back into triathlon.  (I'll cover my plans for 2017 in a post in the next few days.)


320 rides for a total of 8,141 miles or about 25.4 miles/ride.  In 2014 I did 8,412 miles so pretty much the same overall effort.  I would say I did more rides this year but far less long rides as i did not pursue an Ironman this year.


1,510 runs/hikes in 201 sessions (7.5 mile/average).  These numbers are very much influenced by all of the hiking/climbing I did.  I would guess my actual run mileage was closer to 700 miles or so.  In 2014 I did 1,483 miles but the vast majority of that was running.


103 hours vs. 32 in 2014--this reflects all the alternative/cross training and PT work I do now, especially to prepare me for mountain climbing.

Total Time

1,028 hours vs. 905 in 2014.  This is the first year that I've recorded more than 1,000 hours of working out/training.  While my training has moved away from being tri-specific and it's also become less intense, I still was pretty committed to training this year, and for sure, a great bounce back from my "off-year" of 2015 with my major back and leg problems.

More to come....

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